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Posted on Monday, October 17, 2022

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Electro-Active Technologies is developing Waste to X solutions, reducing pollution and generating hydrogen as a zero emission fuel, and other products from waste. This is a significant goal for clean cities of the future and state environmental managers. Many states are supporting organics diversion and clean fuel production goals, which is a vision Electro-Active is pursuing.


Electro-Active is looking for an entry / Intermediate-level Electrical Engineer to start immediately to assist with development and maintenance of process control systems for electrochemical devices such as electrolyzers for production of renewable hydrogen. You will join our growing team with a focus on developing and maintaining sensors and bioprocess system for microbial electrolysis reactors. The ideal candidate will have a highly successful academic record, experience in work related to electronics and electrical engineering, high attention to detail, and the capability to undertake independent research tasks. An interest in sustainability and next-generation renewable power technology as well as desire to work in a dynamic, fast-pace startup environment is a plus.


    • Design, maintain and update sensor systems for controlling process parameters.

    • Build control boards incorporating sensors and electronics to manage operation of electrolysis cells, stacks and pilot modules.

    • Test various control circuits at prototype stage to determine effect of process and system parameters on performance.

    • Assist in maintenance and troubleshooting of electrochemical systems

    • Ensure data quality, monitoring and integrity of assigned experiments


    • Knowledge of sensor development and process control

    • Background in electrical or power engineering, or relevant experience working with renewable systems preferred

    • Ability to conduct procedures as per protocols and instructions with precision and accuracy

    • Ability to work with, or learn, proper use and care of common hand/power tools


    • Application of sensors to manage biological systems

    • Prototyping and hardware development experience


    • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in an engineering discipline (e.g. Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Power Engineering).

Interested candidates please submit a resume and interests to aborole@electroactive.tech. The position is available immediately. Candidates with general engineering background may qualify for full time or part time internship positions available with the company, and are encouraged to apply. Work location: Knoxville, TN.