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490 BioTech develops continuously light-emitting (bioluminescent) human cell lines that ‘report’ on biological events or interactions affecting their metabolic status by self-modulating the intensity of their light output. This provides a real-time video of cellular activity that accelerates the pace of new drug discovery and moves drugs more rapidly, more effectively, and less expensively towards Phase I human testing by providing more comprehensive data.
Founded in Chattanooga, TN, in 2019, 8Bend Marketing is the ultimate StoryBrand Certified Marketing Agency. We use the StoryBrand Messaging Framework to help companies develop incredibly clear and compelling sales messaging that gets instant results. We use this messaging to transform a company's sales and marketing. We turn websites into sales machines. We create automated 24 x 7 sales funnels that work while you sleep. We produce thought leadership content that begins a total market takeover. And we implement tracking, analytics, and strategic planning that creates a level of sophistication every business leader wishes they could achieve in sales and marketing.
At Accountfully, we do more than the day-to-day work of professional accountants and bookkeepers. We also serve as a long-term strategic partner to help you navigate complex financial challenges and opportunities. We’re a fully outsourced accounting team, which means we’re your bookkeepers, accountants, CFOs, controllers, and CPAs.
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ActionVFX is an entertainment company which specializes in visual effects development, filmmaking, video games, and VFX.
Agisent Technologies, Inc. is a leading innovator in public safety and law enforcement software solutions. Agisent starts with industry-standard technologies and adds significant advanced proprietary enhancements that combine to create solutions that are highly scalable, incredibly fast, and provide significant competitive advantages. Agisent provides a solution that improves the lives of average Americans, helps keeps our police officers safe and better serves the needs of our community servants.
Providing best-in-class entrepreneurial training as well as access to a world-class network of mentors and technical experts
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AltoIRA offers an easy-to-use investing platform that empowers everyday investors to diversify their IRAs by investing in alternative assets such as private equity, venture capital, real estate, loans and cryptocurrency. Offering Traditional, Roth, SEP and Crypto IRAs, Alto is bringing alternative investments to the mainstream. Everyday investors can now easily and cost-effectively access their retirement savings to invest in assets once reserved solely for high-net-worth individuals.
Ambition helps sales organizations get real-time performance insights and create revenue-driving culture. World-class clients like Aerotek, UPS, Wayfair, Prezi and Arrive Logistics use the Ambition platform to create transparent, goal-oriented, and inspired sales teams and call centers. See why the Harvard Business Review, AA-ISP and other experts endorse Ambition as a must-have technology for modern sales organizations.
Angel Eye Camera Systems offers a platform for families with infants in the NICU to see and talk to the baby 24 hours a day via an Internet-based camera system.
Apto is an experiential learning company focused on culture and language training. Our mission is to empower and support international learners everywhere, to adapt to local communities anywhere. Traci Snowden is founder and CEO of Apto. A bicultural polyglot who started traveling the globe at 14, Traci founded Apto to create the culture and language services that her years of teaching immersive ESL told her learners everywhere want and need.
ARCS Aviation Develops Augmented Reality (AR) for aviation maintenance and other professionals. We develop Virtual Reality (VR) for pilots, engineers, and others per customers' specification. ARCS develops Online training. Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) from level I to level IV.
Artiphon is a consumer electronics company designing adaptive instruments to empower musical creativity.