Embedded Systems Technical Lead

Ovyl Studio

Ovyl Studio

Nashville, TN, USA
Posted on Saturday, September 9, 2023

About Us

Ovyl is a product development firm working on an exciting range of consumer electronics, lifestyle products, and medical devices. We're currently expanding our team in Nashville, Tennessee and are looking for our next Design Strategist.

About You

You're a seasoned professional in the realm of embedded systems, understanding the complexities and nuances that come with it. To you, every component, connection, and code is an opportunity—to innovate, to optimize, and to perfect. Your keen sense for technological trends keeps you ahead of the curve, always aware of the latest capabilities and potential integrations. You believe that collaboration, clear documentation, and smart planning are they keys to project success. To you, making things and solving problems is the most fun you could have at work, and that’s why you are reading this now.

In this role, you will

  • Leverage technological expertise to guide Ovyl in crafting state-of-the-art products that captivate customers and function flawlessly
  • Collaborate with Hardware, Firmware, and Software engineers to develop technical product solutions, ensuring functional requirements are appropriately distributed across disciplines
  • Stay abreast of technology trends, including liaising with semiconductor firms, to position our products at the forefront of capabilities and user experience
  • Document and articulate multiple complex strategies, emphasizing tradeoffs concerning timeline, complexity, risk, and cost—even to those without a technical background
  • Partner with product strategists to grasp product-market fit and functional demands, converting these into relevant technical specifications. Maintain an ongoing collaboration with strategists to keep requirements current throughout project phases
  • Identify risky technical challenges, designing robust test plans that specify component selection and validation procedures.
  • Anticipate roadblocks that could present major challenges down the line, e.g. anticipating and mitigating risks around thermal constraints
  • Work closely with the project manager and other team members to chart work plans, spotlighting key dependencies and the optimal sequence for task execution.


  • Expert at leading technical teams through Product Design and Development where the solutions evolved through iterative prototype testing.
  • Feel at home working directly with Mechanical Engineers, Industrial Designers, Electrical Engineers, Software Developers, etc.
  • Experience developing physical products that have manufactured components (vs. only software)
  • Current or previous titles may include Technical Program Manager, Technical Lead, Team Lead, Lead Engineer, Principal Engineer, Staff Engineer, etc
  • Must live in Nashville, TN or be willing to relocate.

Compensation, benefits, and perks.

  • Work-Life Balance: Ovyl pays competitively, gives top of the line perks, and above all, respects work-life balance. You can work from home as often as you want, be home for dinner, take a meaningful vacation off the grid, and work to live instead of living to work.
  • Health Insurance: Ovyl covers 100% of your health insurance premium. You pay the difference for a spouse and/or dependents.
  • Dental, Vision, HSA: Ovyl offers these plans but does not contribute to their premiums.
  • 401k + matching: Ovyl contributes 3% no matter what, by default you contribute an additional 6% (you may change this).
  • Flexible schedules & WFH: Ovyl supplies a new laptop to use for your work and you’ll get to enjoy the flexibility that we love so much about being self-employed. Want to work from home 2 days a week? Do it. Is it too perfect to be inside on a Tuesday? Work Saturday instead.
  • Maker Stipend: We want to employ people that freaking love to make stuff, so we’ll give you a virtual credit card with $600/year to spend on any personal project. Put it toward building a new headboard for your bed, or buying a really nice hot-glue gun, or getting an Arduino kit and figuring out how to automate your herb garden.
  • Learning Stipend: We want to employ curious, constant-learners, so we’ll give you a virtual credit card with $200/year to spend on any personal learning. It doesn’t have to be work-related. $200 happens to be about what you’d spend on a year of an Audible or Masterclass subscription, but you could just as well use it for guitar lessons, life drawing workshops, or a coffee roasting class.
  • Access to 3D printers for personal use: If the printers aren’t needed for a project, have at ‘em. If it’s something small, it probably ok to just print it. If it’s something big or a mini production run, we may ask that you bring your own material.
  • Stocked fridge and snacks: We’ll stay stocked up on healthy snacks, carbonated water, and beer. There’s also a free rotating craft coffee and a big selection of loose leaf tea.
  • Company events: We take a day off work at least once a quarter to have fun, hang out, and get to know each other. You're part of the Ovyl Team.
  • Join Nashville’s best product dev consultancy: You’ll get to learn new skills working alongside a great team on a wide variety of products, from medical devices that save lives to consumer products that light up a Kickstarter campaign

Please Note: Our entire team is located here in Nashville, TN. We are seeking applicants living or willing to relocate here -however we offer a hybrid work environment, with most employees working from home multiple days per week.